Stockton JSNA


What are the key issues?

The national autism strategy focuses on five things:
1. Making sure that more people understand about autism
2. Making it easier for adults to get a diagnosis of autism
3. Ensuring adults with autism can choose how they live, and get the help they need to do this.
4. Helping adults with autism to find jobs
5. Helping local councils and health services to write plans so that adults with autism who live in their area get the help they need.

Think Autism: updating the adult autism strategy identified 15 things to make things better for people with Autism, within three themes:

An equal part of my local community
1. I want to be accepted and people to understand my condition
2. I want to be able to change things that matter to me
3. I want to know what is going on locally
4. If I need a service I would like people to make some adjustment’s
5. I want to feel safe in my community
6. I want to be seen as me

The right support at the right time during my lifetime
7. I don’t want to have to wait a long time for people to diagnose me
8. I want autism to be included in local strategic needs assessments
9. I want staff in health and social care service’s to understand that I have autism
10. I want to be supported through big life changes
11. I want somewhere my family can go to get help if they need it
12. I want people to recognise my autism and adapt the support they give
13. If I break the law, I want the criminal justice system to think about autism

Developing my skills and independence and working to the best of my ability
14.  I want the same opportunities as everyone else
15.  I want support to get a job and support to help me keep it.

These inform the commissioning priorities recommented for Stockton-on-Tees.

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