Stockton JSNA

Children in need

What are the key issues?

The rate of CIN in our Borough is relatively high compared to England and NE Region averages, but not when compared to the Tees Valley average. It may be that there are particular social and economic challenges across the Tees sub-region which impact on levels of CIN.

Data indicates that children tend to remain in need for longer in our area than in many other Council areas; it may be that this reflects a need for more effective services and arrangements for CIN.

The age profile of our CIN population is relatively younger than average; this suggests a need for more effective early years intervention and support.

Data from social care assessments which attempt to categorise the key factors for a child being in need (from a nationally determined set of factors) suggests that the three most frequent factors are the same both locally and nationally – i.e domestic violence; then mental health issues; then neglect.

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