Stockton JSNA


What commissioning priorities are recommend?

Review carers strategy
in line with the Care Act 2014 and National policies in consultation with carers.

Review commissioned carers services
in consultation with carers and in line with the Care Act 2014.

Develop systems to identify carers and make them aware of available support.  Health and social care services should routinely identify carers and provide information about or refer to carer support services.  Achieved

Systems are in place to ensure when a care assessment is carried out for people requiring social care, it is asked if they have anyone they consider their carer, this is recorded and a carers assessment offered. A register of carers using Stockton Borough council Carers services and information is available for carers infoming them of their right to a carers assessment.

Ensure existing services for carers have sufficient capacity to manage anticipated increased need. Achieved.

A contract is in place for the ‘Provision of Adult Carer Support Services’ 2014/17 to provide information and support as needed.

Promote carers’ issues and available carer support more widely, ensuring access to health services. Achieved - this is included in the Carer Support Services contract.

Commission additional respite services which provide not only traditional respite but also innovative ways to provide regular respite. Achieved

Respite is accessible through the assessment process and through the Carer support Services, these may be through a direct payment or a single grant payment, in addition a sitting services is available.

Increase provision of timely information and support for carers who care for terminally ill people to ensure they are central to the team which cares for the person coming to the end of their life but ensures support for the physical, psychological, social, financial and spiritual well-being of the carer.  Remains a priority.

Implement the recommendations of the efficiency, improvement and transformation review.  Remains a priority.

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