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What services are currently provided?

Stockton Carers Centre

In April 2014, Sanctuary Supported Living became Stockton Council's adult carer support.  This is currently located in Stockton Business Centre based in Brunswick Street.

Carers are invited to register there but there is no requirement to register to access support. There are 666 carers registered with the services as of June 2016. It provides an information hub for carers, advice and support, counselling and personal development for carers.  These carers will include both those known to Social Services and others who are not. The Centre provides a wide range of support services and is available to all carers.

Carers’ assessments
Care Managers can arrange for carers to have their needs assessed, separately from the needs of the person they are caring for.  If carers are not in direct contact with a Care Manager they can still request an assessment by contacting the Council’s Social Care Team.

Support for carers of people affected by dementia
Dementia Support Workers provide advice, information and emotional support for carers of people affected by dementia. The service helps carers understand dementia, how to deliver more effective care and how to develop coping strategies to reduce stress. It also provides information about entitlements and other additional services that may be beneficial in supporting the carer or the cared for person.

A Support Worker is working with carers of people affected by dementia from the BME community and “hard to reach” groups to help and support them to overcome any barriers to accessing advice, information and support.

Advice and Information Programme
A programme of information sessions held in the Carers Centre covering a wide variety of topics which will help carers in their caring role. Each session is delivered by a guest speaker who has specialist knowledge on the subject. The topics for sessions are decided by consultation with carers.

Stockton Information Directory

In addition information is held on the Stockton Council website on how to access services and carers assessments along with information on services on the Stockton Information Directory.

Support Worker in GP Surgeries
Two-thirds of GP surgeries in Stockton-on-Tees currently have carer information boards. The Support Worker works with GP surgeries to help staff understand carers’ issues and identify patients who are carers to offer advice, information or referral to a support service.

Palliative Care Support Worker
Provides support to carers of terminally ill people from the point of diagnosis onwards, providing advice and information on a wide range of issues that affect carers of terminally ill people. The Support Worker is also involved in the training of staff in hospitals and the community about issues relating to carers of terminally ill people and works with the multi-disciplinary teams to contribute to solutions and help identify areas of concern. The service can be accessed through the Carers Centres.

Support for carers from the BME community and “hard to reach” groups
A Support Worker helping carers from the BME community and “hard to reach” groups is based in the Carers Centre to help and support them to overcome any barriers to accessing advice, information and support.

Breaks for carers
These include:

  • Planned breaks, booked in advance by the carer
  • Emergency breaks, available at short notice, for example if the carer is taken into hospital or is unable to carry on for another reason.

Carer break services are delivered by a number of providers and in a number of settings including:

  • In the clients’ own home
  • In residential care settings (including care homes for the elderly mentally ill, and those with learning disabilities).

Sitting service
Enables carers to take a break from home, but unlike the respite care services described above provides short-term (up to 8 hours per month) social support and basic personal care, rather than longer breaks.

Direct payments
Current national policy supports the provision of payments made directly to carers so that, with appropriate advice and support, they can plan and purchase the services they need themselves.

Stockton Council continues to help more carers access direct payments and take control of their own care package.

Young carers support
The main support for young carers in Stockton-on-Tees is from Eastern Ravens Trust, which provides social support and advice, plus some respite and holiday breaks for young carers.  In 2015/16, 145 young carers were given support.

Carers of people affected by drugs or alcohol
Support for carers of people affected by drugs or alcohol. Also provides respite and a gardening service.

Counselling for carers of people with chronic / long-term conditions or physical disabilities
Helps carers develop coping strategies and signposts to other appropriate support services.

Elderly frail and older carers respite breaks
Short breaks for a self-support group for elderly frail people and older carers.

Hindu carers respite breaks
Short respite breaks for Hindu carers.


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