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What do people say?

Recent local consultations with carers identified that the most important needs of carers are:

  • respite,
  • support to maximise finances (entitlements & employment),
  • reduction in stress,
  • improve mental and physical well-being,
  • have good quality information,
  • be involved and respected by health and social care professionals in the care of the cared for person.

The Carers Centre reports that there is an increasing need for advocacy for carers.

Consultation with carers locally has shown one of the most valued and beneficial services is respite and this should be more widely available in flexible formats.

There is concern that there should be more information for carers generally available in more accessible locations.

Health and social care professionals need to have better understanding of carer issues and of carer support services.

Stress relief is a major concern.  Having someone to talk to is invaluable, as is the availability of alternative therapies and support in developing coping strategies.

Carers wanted the currently available support to remain available but many felt a central point of contact should be available instead of relying on GPs and other professionals who have varying degrees of knowledge about carers’ issues and support services.

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