Stockton JSNA


What evidence is there for effective intervention?

Wider determinants of health


Fair Society Healthy Lives a review of health inequalities (2010); Sir Michael Marmot


The foundation years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults (2010); Frank Field

Behaviour and lifestyle

Alcohol misuse

Preventing harmful drinking (PH 24) (2010)

Alcohol-use disorders (CG 100) (2010)

Illicit drugs

Drug Misuse: psychosocial interventions (CG 51) (2007)


Quitting smoking in pregnancy and following childbirth (PH1) (2006)

School-based interventions to prevent smoking (PH23) (2010)

Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people (PH14) (2008)

Diet and nutrition


Promotion of breastfeeding initiation and duration: evidence into practice briefing (2006) (NICE)

Maternal and child nutrition (PH 11) (2008)


Weight management before, during and after pregnancy (PH 27) (2010)

Behaviour change at population, community and individual levels (PH6) (2007)

Obesity (PH 42) (2012)

Health Development Agency (2003) The management of Obesity and Overweight.  Evidence Briefing

Illness and death


Strategies to prevent unintentional injuries (PH 29)  (2010)

Preventing unintentional injuries among under-15’s in the home (PH 30) (2010)

Preventing unintentional injuries among under-15’s: road design (PH31) (2010)

Mental health

Social and emotional wellbeing in primary education (PH 12) (2008)

Depression in children and young people (CG 28) (2005)

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