Stockton JSNA


What services are currently provided?

The services provided in Stockton-On-Tees focus on the six key priorities for the Safer Stockton Partnership (SSP). There are multi-agency thematic working groups that drive each of the key objectives with action plans specific to each priority. There are a number of services commissioned through SSP such as treatment/support services for domestic violence, alcohol misuse and drugs misuse.

Safe at Home scheme

The SSP provides the Safe at Home scheme for vulnerable residents in Stockton-On-Tees, including victims of burglary and domestic violence. The scheme involves a visit from a crime prevention community safety officer. They carry out a full survey of the property then recommend various target hardening and security measures. The scheme arranges for the work to be carried out to ensure the vulnerable property is as secure as possible.

Think B4U Drink

The Think B4U Drink campaign promotes safe and responsible drinking in Stockton-On-Tees (including schools and colleges) and delivers key safety messages, such as getting home safely after a night out and how to reduce vulnerability when under the influence of alcohol.

Stockton Town Pastors

The Stockton Town Pastors (STP) are a group of volunteers who offer a caring presence in Stockton town centre on Friday and Saturday evenings when individuals may become unexpectedly vulnerable.

ASB, criminal damage and deliberate fires

There are a number of initiatives running to try to tackle ASB, criminal damage and deliberate fires. Much of the work has been focused within schools to educate young people about various issues such as the consequences of committing damage and the effect damage has to neighbourhoods, as well as explaining that anyone can become a victim of crime or ASB (regardless of age, gender or ethnicity) and how the behaviour of young people can be perceived as anti-social even when it is not intended in that way. The effects of alcohol are discussed in secondary schools, with a particular emphasis on how drinking can lead to risk taking that can result in crime and ASB. 

Integrated Offender Management scheme

The Integrated Offender Management (IOM) scheme is a multi-agency intensive programme that ensures the most prolific/problematic offenders who cause the most harm are dealt with in a co-ordinated way.

Repeat callers

The council’s ASB team and the police work in partnership to identify repeat callers and address concerns.  A repeat caller is highlighted following three calls for assistance to either the police or ASB/enforcement teams.  Repeat callers can be contacted by community safety support officers within the council to provide reassurance and address any immediate concerns.  The Stockton council ASB team carries out a risk assessment on each call/service request to ensure that the correct level of service is provided.

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