Stockton JSNA


What commissioning priorities are recommended?


Extend the emerging issues priority to include burglary of dwelling and non-dwelling, as well as ‘Other Theft’. The main issue seems to be metal thefts, which is also impacting upon burglaries where metal is targeted. 


Assess all current targets within the Community Safety Plan and re-set the plan for 2012/13.


Look at first time offenders and try to establish their motivation for offending. The first step would be to monitor the number of first time offenders in the forthcoming year to see if there is a big enough problem to warrant further research.


Prioritise offenders committing burglary offences as they have the highest rate of repeat offending.


Re-establish and agree the terms of reference for the drugs ‘Reducing Harm’ group.


Raise the profile of alcohol and assess the role of all current alcohol-related working groups as well as current procedures to ensure that nothing is being missed.


Ensure that domestic violence services are well publicised in Stockton, especially in more affluent areas where services are not currently utilised.


Look at the current transition processes between youth and adult services for offenders and drug and alcohol misusers, to ensure that people are not dropping out of treatment/support.


Ensure that problem profiles and more in-depth analysis is commissioned for specific issues throughout the year. Issues highlighted to explore so far are the possible reasons for the changes to crime and deprivation levels within Parkfield and Oxbridge electoral ward and the ‘Most Serious Violence’ category.


Reduce anti-social behaviour.


Reduce violent crime (inc robbery).


Reduce drug-related offending.


Reduce criminal damage.


Reduce alcohol-related crime/ASB.


Reduce domestic violence.


Use early interventions, including participation in educating offenders and their families in order to reduce youth-related ASB.


Use a wide range of partner data to gain a greater understanding of violence linked to misuse of alcohol/and or drugs.


Focus on problematic areas in order to aide with reducing levels of drug-related offending.


Partnership approach that ensures that the imminent changes to the PPO schemes in Cleveland continue to target and manage chaotic drug users who continue to engage in criminal activity.


Gain a greater understanding of poly drug use and the illicit trade in prescription and fake prescription medication to inform education treatment and control tactics.


Maintain our current approach to responding to reports of ASB along with the flexibility to react to changes in hotspot areas.


Due to the end to alcohol interventions in custody from April 2014, the partnership should work with the police to examine the use of conditional cautioning and other means of disposal to target offenders where alcohol consumption is linked to their offending behaviour into compulsory or voluntary alcohol treatment.


Ensure staff are trained and skilled to identify cross cutting issues with alcohol misuse (e.g referrals for domestic abuse) and refer for appropriate support.


Evaluation of a pilot scheme in relation to ‘Making Every Contact Count’.


Consideration should be given to monitoring shoplifting and other theft offences around Stockton town center over the 12 month period in light of the impending completion of the regeneration work in order to aide with attracting local businesses to the area.


Continue to use and develop restorative practices across a wide variety of organisations and agencies for both adult and youth offending.


Monitor implications of changes to the IOM scheme.


Monitor the impact that the Anti-Social Behaviour Act has had in relation to enforcement activity.


Research for the monthly Joint Action Group (JAG) meetings to continue to highlight any emerging or vulnerable locations.


Multi-agency approach to be tackling most vulnerable areas.


Consideration given as to how we are best to tackle changes through regeneration of the town centre to ensure crime remains low and image of Stockton is improved.

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