Stockton JSNA


What needs might be unmet?

While there is a commitment to maintain high levels of service and support during times of austerity, it is clear that the pressures of budgets and the impact this will have on capacity within partner agencies will affect the level of service delivered.  This in turn could potentially lead to a lack of community reassurance linked with the wider feeling that public services are stretched at a time where issues such as high unemployment are prevalent within communities.  This poses a challenge for the SSP in relation to the wider reassurance agenda.


There is a lack of information regarding the victim for variety of crime types


There are several areas in Stockton-On-Tees which sufferer for disproportionate levels of crime, however, a lack of resources (due to financial constraints imposed on police and local authority) can impact on how we deal with these areas. Therefore potential for crime to increase and reduce public confidence and reassurance in these localities.

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