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What is being done and why?


ESFA - Study Programme – Implemented by a variety of training providers

Study programmes are designed for those aged 16-19 to provide students with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that supports their development and progression in line with their future career plans.

All study programmes should:

  • Include one or more academic, applied or vocational qualification that stretches the student and links clearly to training, employment or higher education, or work preparation and an extended work placement for those students who are not ready for study at Level 2, or who are on a Traineeship;
  • Require students who do not have GCSE A*-C in Maths or English to work towards the achievement of these qualifications;
  • Allow for meaningful work experience (related to the vocational area) and/or other non--qualification activity to develop students’ personal skills and/or prepare them for employment, training or higher/further education.

All Study Programmes should focus on maximising progression to the next stage of education, employment or an apprenticeship and usually last up to 26 weeks, but can be more or less depending on the young persons’ ability.

ESFA - 16-19 Bursary Fund – implemented by various training providers

  • Under-19 at the start of the academic year that the bursary is for;
  • Studying at school or college, or on an unpaid training course.

Two Funds:

Vulnerable student bursary

Up to £1,200 if at least one of the following applies:

  • In or recently left Local Authority care;
  • In receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit;
  • Disabled and receiving Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit,
  • Receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Discretionary Bursary

Education and training providers set their own criteria for discretionary bursaries.

ESFA - Traineeships   - Implemented by various training providers

Designed to help young people aged 16 to 24 who want to get an apprenticeship or job, but don’t yet have the appropriate skills or experience. Traineeships provide the essential work preparation training, English, Maths and work experience needed to secure an apprenticeship or employment.

ESFA - Apprenticeships – Implemented by various training providers
Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study for all age groups from 16+. The apprentices are employed by the business and will receive a wage.  Apprentices:

  • Work alongside experienced staff;
  • Gain job-specific skills;
  • Earn a wage and get holiday pay;
  • Study towards a related qualification (usually one day a week).

ESFA - Additional Support for Apprenticeships – Implemented by various training providers

Provides up to £1,000 to any business employing an apprentice (£500 paid after 90 days, £500 paid after 52 weeks).  For those aged 16-18 or 19-24 if a care leaver.

DWP - New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) – Implemented by Jobcentre Plus

  • For those aged 16+;
  • Allowance of £1,274 paid over 26 weeks and support from a business mentor;
  • For people who are in receipt of JSA/ESA/IS and have a business idea.

CLG - Troubled Families – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Youth Direction Service

For households who:

  • Are involved in crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • Have children not in school;
  • Have an adult on out of work benefits;
  • Cause high costs to the public purse.

ESFA - Family Learning – Implemented by Stockton--on--Tees Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service

  • Range of courses and sometimes provision of crèche facilities.
  • Free for parents and carers of children in any year group.

Health England - Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Supports people aged 18+ with a chronic mental health condition into employment. It involves:

  • Intensive, individual support;
  • A rapid job search followed by placement in paid employment;
  • Time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer.

DWP - Work Programme

The Work Programme was launched in 2011 as part of the Welfare to Work Reforms. It is delivered in the North East by Ingeous and Avanta.  It is a mandatory programme targeted at those aged 18+ (long-term unemployed) and those with health conditions.  Participants can be supported for up to two years.

Referrals no longer being taken since March 2017, but existing participants will be supported until March 2019.

DWP - Work Programme – Flexible Work Fund

DWP to address barriers to work - travel, training and clothing for interviews.

DWP - Work and Health Programme

A new Work and Health Programme replacing the Work Programme and Work Choice which will provide specialist support for the long-term unemployed and on a voluntary basis for claimants with health conditions and disabilities.  Targeted at those aged 18+ (long-term unemployed (2 years+) and those with health conditions (day 1 eligibility).

DWP - Work Experience – Implemented by Jobcentre Plus

Work experience is available to young people who are aged 16 to 24 years old and, in some cases, people aged 25+ who don’t have any recent work history.

Work experience will enable young, unemployed people to volunteer for placements lasting between two and four weeks, and between 25-30 hours per week, but this can be less by arrangement.

Participants should be provided with a reference at the end of the placement.

If in receipt of benefits DWP will continue to pay participants’ benefits and if required also cover the costs of travel and childcare. Hosts are not expected to pay participants as doing so might affect their benefit entitlement.

DWP - Work Trials – Implemented by Jobcentre Plus

Work Trials are a try before you employ’ scheme. Employers can trial somebody who is on unemployment benefits without having to pay them.

UK Government - Fit for Work – Implemented by Health Management Ltd 

Offers free, expert and impartial advice to anyone looking for help with issues around health and work.

UK Government – Disability Confident – Implemented by DWP

Disability Confident is a scheme that is designed to help employers recruit and retain disabled people and people with health conditions for their skills and talent.


ESF EU - Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) – Implemented by Stockton--on--Tees Borough Council’s Youth Direction Service

The aim of the YEI is to support young people aged 15 to 29 years old who are unemployed and/or not in education, employment or training to move closer to the labour market and ultimately into sustained employment. The programme will engage with over 6,500 young people across the Tees Valley until July 2018.  The three elements of the funding include:

  • Transition Education & Employment Mentoring (TEEMs);
  • Personalised Education, Employment and Enterprise Pathways (PEEEPs);
  • Sector Routeways.

Two contracts awarded:

1.    New College Durham was successful in securing £2.8m for the TEEMs contract and an element of PEEEPs, branded as 'Defining Futures' and 'Young Ambition'. They are working in partnership with the Thirteen Group, Coast & Country and North Star Housing and other providers.

2.    The five Tees Valley LAs led by Hartlepool Borough Council secured £19.29m for PEEEPs and Sector Routeways working in partnership with over 20 organisations from the public, private and VCSE sectors.

ESF - Skills Support for the Unemployed – Implemented by Middlesbrough College and People Plus

  • Career coaching, independent local information, advice and guidance, training and workshops. 
  • A wide range of qualifications linked to needs in the local labour market.
  • Support with Maths, English and ICT.
  • Help with job search and applications, CV development and interview preparation.
  • Links to work placements and introduction to local employers.
  • Help securing an apprenticeship or further education.
  • Some cases of financial support.

ESF - Tees Valley Routes to Enterprise – Implemented by People Plus

A programme delivered by People Plus for those that are unemployed and aged 25+ - FreshStart: Steps to Self-Employment.  Participants in the programme should be:

  • Currently claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Recently started claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Newly unemployed and not yet claiming any benefit.

The programmes provides specialist self-employment career coaching; Independent local information, advice and guidance; business start--up training and workshops; help with business development; help with testing a business idea; guidance on applying for financial support; help to get a business launched.

In some cases participants can be offered additional support towards the cost of attending interviews, safety equipment or obtaining important licences.

ESF - ESOL – Implemented by  Middlesbrough College and Stockton Borough Council’s Learning and Skills

The Prime provider for ESOL (English for Speakers of a Foreign Language) is Middlesbrough College. 

Stockton Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service deliver employability to ESOL learners until 31st July 2018.

ESF - CEIAG (Additional) – Implemented by People Plus

A programme delivered by People Plus for those that are unemployed and aged 25+ - FreshStart: Careers Guidance. Participants in the programme should be:

  • Currently claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Recently started claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Newly unemployed and not yet claiming any benefit

The programme provides: bespoke 1-2-1 career advice; independent information, advice and guidance; individually tailored learning plan; direct referral to training and career services. Signposting to our network of partners for additional support including: sector specific information sessions; mock interviews with real employers; workplace taster days; apprenticeships; workshops to promote opportunities; access to online learner resources.

ESF – Sector-led Apprenticeship Routeways – Implemented by Middlesbrough College

Targeted at the 16+ age group.

ESF / Lottery – Building Better Opportunities – Step Forward Tees Valley - Implemented by Northern Inclusion Consortium (NICS)

Targeted at 29+ (unemployed / Inactive) and have the right to live and work in the UK. The project focuses on people who are most at risk of social exclusion. It provides holistic and bespoke support for participants to increase their employability and improve their prospects for employment. there are three key themes:

i)          Removing health & wellbeing barriers to employment;

ii)          Steps towards employment; and

iii)         Financial/digital inclusion.

ESF – Skills Support for the Workforce – Implemented by Calderdale College

Supports eligible businesses (SMEs and those that meet the TVCA SEP priorities) to develop and implement bespoke funded training plans to up--skill their 19+ workforce to meet immediate and long--term skill needs.

ESF – Skills Support for Redundancy – Implemented by New College Durham

The purpose of this provision is to ensure that capacity is in place to respond to redundancies and the employment implications of local economic conditions for individuals aged 19+ who are:

  • Under consultation or notice of redundancy;
  • Have been notified by their employer that they are likely to be directly affected by downsizing or company closure locally;
  • Have recently been made unemployed.


Stockton Public Health – Stockton Youth Employment Fund – Implemented by Stockton Borough Council

A grant of up to £1,000 payable to local businesses to create apprenticeship opportunities for residents of Stockton-on-Tees aged 16-24.

Tees Valley Combined Authority – Apprenticeship Support for Employers – Implemented by Tees Valley Combined Authority

There are two separate and distinct offers of grant which employers can apply for provided that their apprentice is aged 19+ and following a recognised Apprenticeship Standard or Framework and all other eligibility criteria are met.  Businesses cannot be eligible for both Grant A and Grant B.

Grant A:

A grant of £2,500 per apprentice for small to medium businesses (under 250 employees) from priority sectors who employ an apprentice aged 19+ working towards a recognised sector specific qualification from the Apprenticeship Standards or Frameworks (up to a maximum of three apprentices per year).


Grant B:

An initial grant of £500 per apprentice for small businesses (under 50 employees) who employ an apprentice aged 19--24.  In order to encourage high quality and sustainable employment for the apprentice and additional £500 will be paid if the apprentice continues to be in employment more than 13 months after the date of starting their apprenticeship (up to a maximum of three apprentices per year).

Stockton Borough Council Local CEIAG -  Implemented by Youth Direction Service

Service provided to young people aged 11-18.

  • Contracts with 10 of the 12 schools;
  • Circa 15% of each age cohort;
  • Personality Profile Tools;
  • Careers Interviews and guidance.
  • Schools have to pay for this Service.

Stockton Borough Council - Local CEIAG - Implemented by Learning and Skills Service

IAG for learners aged 16+ (courses and training programmes, progression routes, financial help for study).

ESFA - Access to Work -- Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service

A range of courses to increase employability. 16+ learners referred to pre-employment programmes from the Government Work Programme, if currently unemployed or on a low income (less than £330 per month).

ESFA - Sector Based Work Academy - Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service

Academies run between 4 and 6 weeks and offer a mix of qualifications and employer specific training for unemployed people aged 19+.  Developed with employers with the aim of filling vacancies and creating apprenticeship opportunities.

SBC - Enterprise Education for Children & Young People – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Economic Growth and Development Services

Workshops and programmes delivered to children and young people aged 4 to 25 years in schools, colleges and youth organisations exploring enterprise and innovation in the classroom. Young people will also develop employability skills, such as team work, problem solving and creativity.

SBC - Young People in Enterprise - Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Economic Growth and Development Services

Children and young people aged 11 to 25 years have access to self-employment test-trading opportunities through showcasing their products or services on market stalls, pop-up shops or in the Fountain Shopping Mall. They can access further support from Stockton Borough Council and partners to start up a business. A holistic approach is offered by working with partners to ensure young people can make informed enterprising choices.

Stockton Borough Council -  Targeted Youth Support – Implemented by Youth Direction Service

A team of youth workers, working with targeted and vulnerable groups, involves street-based work within local communities and ‘hot spot’ areas, working with the police and anti-social behaviour teams to work with young people aged 14-19.

Stockton Borough Council – Youth Preventions – Implemented by Youth Direction Service

Provides an early intervention service for young people who are at risk of offending, anti-social behaviour or school exclusion. The service targets young people aged 8-17 years.

DWP – Routes to Work (Section 31 Grant) – Implemented by the 5 Tees Valley Local Authorities

A DWP pilot in six LEP areas. It will provide a holistic wrap--around service to individuals who are unemployed and are furthest from the labour market. It will target people aged 30+, who are unemployed or inactive in the labour market and have multiple barriers to securing employment. It will be delivered across the Tees Valley by the five LAs for a period of three years.

Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation – Progress to Work – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Economic Growth Service

A pilot project developed to support the employment of 16 Looked After Children (LAC) aged 16-25 in Stockton-on-Tees.  The grant is available to employers to create apprenticeships for LAC to help with wages, training, PPE etc. The level of grant depends on the salary of the young person. Stockton Borough Council BC EGDS lead.

Teesside University – Knowledge Exchange Internships – Implemented by Teesside University

An internship’s salary is capped at £24,000 and equipment and training & development costs can be included.  The Knowledge Exchange Internships give Tees Valley small and medium enterprises a unique chance to engage with expertise from Teesside University and specialist experts, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

A talented graduate mentored by a University specialist or industry expert with relevant expertise drives forward a project for the business. This combination of fresh thinking and hugely valuable experience and expertise can bring cutting-edge benefits to the business. Knowledge Exchange Internships are flexible lasting from 6 to 12 months according to the business’ needs.

Teesside University – Graduate Placements – Implemented by Teesside University

A business can recruit a capable graduate to take on a new role in a business to help contribute to the business’ innovative growth and development. The placement is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund for 6 months.  With flexible start dates this additional talent may help you to accelerate ideas to growth opportunities. A 50% salary subsidy is available to a maximum of £4,500 over the 6 month period.

Teesside University – January to March Internships – Implemented by Teesside University

The University will provide a 12 week placements for graduates who have recently qualified, which will provide support to SME’s in Tees Valley who have a specific task that needs completing, whilst giving valuable work experience to students. 

NHS England  - Project Choice – Implemented by NHS England

Provides supported internships in the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust Hospitals to young people aged 16--24 with learning disabilities and difficulties (LDD).  Stockton Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service are contracted to deliver English and Maths to these young people as part of this project. 

Home Office – Controlling Migration Fund – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Learning and Skills Service

Funded places for all ages on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision until 31st July 2019.

Public Health – FirstSTEPs – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s STEPs team

Early intervention and prevention service for those aged 18+ that endeavours to prevent people reaching high level need.

The Service encourages and provides healthy life choices, ensures better access to health services, and supports people to access employment opportunities and community activities.

Public Health - Better Health at work awards – Implemented by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council - Various levels of a healthy workplace voluntary scheme.

Volunteering – Implemented by various organisations. 


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