Stockton JSNA

Older People

What commissioning priorities are recommended?

Continue to promote the message that stopping smoking, sensible alcohol consumption, healthy eating and physical activity have health benefits
even at older ages remains a priority.


Help carers continue to care.  Updated by 2016/01.


Support older people to remain physically and mentally able, and to live in the best of health and remain at home for as long as possible; and to provide best quality care when dependent and unable to care for themselves remains a priority.


Ensure services are of good quality, efficient, timely and convenient.  Objective removed as a priority.


Build social capital both as a means of promoting health and wellbeing, but also as a way of better meeting people's wider support needs and tackle issues such as social isolation and excess winter deaths.  Remains a priority.


Develop early intervention and preventative models of support.   Elements of this include support for issues such as falls and malnutrition.

Remains a priority.


Ensure that older people are given choice, have control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.  Remains a priority.


Help carers to continue to care.   Acknowledge them as individuals with support needs in their own right. Comply with the requirements of the Care Act 2014, the national Carers’ Strategy and the Joint Carers’ Strategy for Stockton-on-Tees to develop support to assist carers to access benefits, support them into training, education and employment, access breaks where required and offer advice and training on health issues.


Signposting.  Improve how we signpost and support older people to access services.

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