Stockton JSNA

Older People

What services are currently provided?


Approximate number of Service users



Travel to and from day centres, Dial a Ride Service.


 Day service for adults with disabilities


Providing information and advice on social welfare matters and includes a large proportion of over 65's particularly in relation to debt management.



After long term health conditions, the most cited health problem was physical impairment (14%)

Clients in this age category were most likely to come from the Bishopsgarth and Elm Tree and Village wards

36% of clients seen were single people

Providing mobility equipment for hire or purchase (Shop Mobility).


12 months to January 2016

There were 468 active regular users of Shopmobility during the year.

Support and networking for carers (Sitting Service).


Carers support including information and advice and direct support to carers and service users.



As at June 2016

668 carers have been supported since contract started in April 2014.

Service for blind and visually impaired


Targeted support for young carers and their families.


As at April 2016




As at April 2016




As at April 2016

3,807 new service users received a first visit or required handyperson services during the year.   

Total number of clients receiving a service (over 65)


Number of over 65s in permanent residential care


Number of over 65s in permanent nursing care


Number of over 65s in temporary residential care


Number of over 65s in temporary nursing care


home care


day care


S/T residential (not respite)


Direct Payments


As at June 2016

In addition, there are 221 people with physical disabilities accessing a Personal Budget which may include some older people.

Professional support


Equipment & adaptations



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