Stockton JSNA

Physical disabilities

What commissioning priorities are recommended?

No additional commissioning priorities identified following review in 2016.

Implement the goals set out in “Our health, our care, our say” to help people with a physical disability live fulfilling lives and achieve to their full potential by receiving the support they need.

Stimulate the local market to provide more innovative and cost-effective ways of providing support and meeting the needs of people with physical disabilities.

Involve people with physical disabilities fully in the planning of future services to ensure services meet their needs.

Reduce prejudice against people with physical disabilities in the community and workplace.

Continue to improve access to services, facilities, training and education for people with physical disabilities.

Ensure the rise in the older population and associated increase in physical disability is taken into account when commissioning services.

Implement the recommendations of the efficiency, improvement and transformation review of all services.

Ensure services are providing quality and value for money.

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