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1. What is segmentation

Segmentation is dividing your database into groups which are defined by individual characteristics. It could be as simple as separating your male and female customers, or it can be by something more complex. Grouping different people into different segments gives you greater flexibility with your marketing, allowing you to talk with each person in an engaging and relevant way.

Why segment?

If you can talk to someone about what they are really interested in, they’re much more likely to engage with you. Do the opposite – by talking to the wrong person about the wrong things – and you will irritate people and perhaps drive them away. By segmenting people according to their characteristics and behaviour, you can talk confidently with everyone about the things that matter to them, by the most relevant channel.



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2. Introduction to Mosaic

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3. Mosaic Segmentation Portal

The Segmentation Portal provides you with a wealth of information to highlight the key features which make each segment distinctive, to help you visualize the segmentation data and understand the essence of each segment.

Please use link below to view the interactive guide (Username and pssword required):


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4. Stockton-on-Tees Population

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