Glossary of terms

The glossary of terms is building gradually as each topic is activated.

The list of abbreviations is located below the glossary of terms.



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Myocardial infarction:

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List of abbreviations

The list of abbreviations is building gradually as each topic is activated.


BASCD         British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry

BCS             British Crime Survey

BDA             British Dental Association

BME             Black and minority ethnic (population)

CDS             Community dental service

CQUIN         Text here

DAFNE         Text here

DESMOND    Text here

HATTIE        Text here

GSF             Gold standards framework (for end-of-life care)

IOM             Integrated offender management

ISOP           Text here

ISVA            Independent sexual violence advisor

JAG             Joint action groups 

MAPPA         Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

PASS           Text here - mentioned in smoking or end of life care?

PND             Police National Database

PSHE           Text here

PTSD            Post-traumatic stress disorder

SARC           Sexual assault referral centre

SECOS         Sexual exploitation of children on the streets

SOLO           Sexual offence liaison officer

SSP              Safer Stockton Partnership

SSS              Stop Smoking Service

STP              Stockton town pastors